The best mixes for March, and why digital music is the future social media.


Some writers like to write in silence, just pounding away at the keyboard in silence with the only sound being that of the fans in the computer and the click of the keys of the keyboard. Some writers are like me, always having music playing in the background. I am always  listing to music, at home writing, at the gym and at the airport waiting for a flight.

Music is a big part of my life, and as a result I am always looking for new music to listen to. The music industry knows that there are many people who are like me – always listing to music and always searching out new music.

Worldwide Digital Music Revenues in 2006 was $2.9 billion. Six years (2011) later it is $14.8 billion. Growth = 486%

Worldwide Music Industry Revenues in 2006 was $60.7 billion. Six years (2011) later it is $67.6 billion. Growth = 11%

It is clear to see that digital music is the strongest growing segment of the music industry, and is the future of music.

Even though Pandora and other ‘digital radio’ are a good way to listen to music, people still like to buy music, have collections and share them with their friends. For me, the best way to do this is with

I listen to it, like I would to a digital radio, but I get to also have the social media experience by putting up my own mixes. This allows me to contribute my own ‘digital radio’ station. For me, this is the future of music, collect, share, discover – social music.

Since has iPhone and Android apps, I can listen anywhere on my phone, and I can even make mixes right off the music on my phone. The future is truly here.

As you can tell, I am ‘sold’ on and can’t not say enough positive things about it.

So, to help share (and to make it easier for me to listen to these on the fly), below you will find my latest mix, as well as some of my favorite mix from other members of


aNILESation Alternative Rap Fuck My Head Up Mix – mix by pusz4frog

alternative rap


Havin’ gr8 fun goin’ to Heaven and Hell – mix by iyamdman

indie rock, pop and swingy rock


Fun at the Office #1 – mix by RickyRoll



True Love for the Heartless – mix by myopenshirt

rock, alternative, techno, hip hop


Sweet dreams are made of these – mix by Missyem Savannah

dubstep, electronic, dance, tance


Alternative music for alternative people – mix by silent-alarmm

indie, alternative, rock, folk


Wha wha wha WHAT IS Duh duh duh DUBSTEP? – mix by iyamdman

dubstep, dance


Just keep going – mix by BrockUgirl

indie, hip hop, rock, dance


Slushbox Hellcat – mix by myopenshirt

rock, alternative rock, indie, dance


feelgood – mix by muzik3

rock, dance, techno


Clap Hands For Spaced Out Music – mix by sonic schmidt

indie, dance, rock, rap and house


Island Tunes – mix by michellebda27

reggae, island music