Happy New Year!!! I am moving to Prosperity Street.

Happy New Year!!! I am moving to Prosperity Street

Happy New Year!!! I am moving to Prosperity Street

Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!

It the year 2012, a year for hope, growth and prosperity for all!

2011 was a dream about Easy Street, but it felt more like I was living on the moon.

And as you know, the Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

On the other hand, it was a good year for this blog since it was a year in which traffic to the site grew by 3X.

Thank you to all our new readers.

I ended up writing 2X the number of posts, averaging about 3 a month. For 2012 I will try to get that to be more like once a week, but no promises.

2012 is going to be an interesting year, and this will be true for politics – and as readers of my blog can tell, I have some very strong political opinions.

Bottom line, we need to get the money out of politics.

The shocker of 2011, was that the new definition of poverty and near poverty came out, and what everyone felt in their lives became a published and confirmed fact – 2 out of 1 American (150 million people) are near the poverty line or under it.

2 in 1 American are technically barely able to make ends meet, or can’t make ends meet.

This is simply unacceptable.

I believe it will change. This will be the year of the protests, and chaos is certain. Be prepared to see the 150 million poor and near poor people let the government and our 1% peers know that it must change. Come spring and summer, the newest social fad sweeping the country will be protesting.

1968 – here we come!!!

On the other hand – from chaos arises opportunity, and from opportunity comes prosperity.

For 2012, I am looking to move to Prosperity Street.

Looking for a place on Easy Street.

Looking for a place on Easy Street.

Looking for a place on Easy Street.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Welcome to the year 2011.

The future of my youth is now here in ‘real-time’ streaming pixilated bytes of 3D surround sound 1080p mega vision.

So, what do I wish for in this next year?

How about that American Dream called a place on East St.

A place on Easy Street, you know; a place where you don’t have to work and you have enough money to buy all the things you have been told that you want, anytime you want. Happiness. The happiness of the new American Dream of the 21st century. You know, you become famous for 15 seconds, and then you become a brand and then you are rich and can buy everything so you are happy.

Every time I open a magazine, watch TV or go on-line – all I am told is that happiness is something you buy.

I am told every day that others will view you as good if you have this or that object that they are selling.

So, when did buying things become happiness? When did shopping become what we do when we are not working? When was the turning point when people started viewing other peoples value and worth as a human – by the things we buy, wear and own?

It seems built in that we do this automatically. I looked back on the posts that I have made this year. More then I have ever made on this blog. Some political. Some posts are about sports and some are about products that I bought and liked.

For 2011, I will continue to make post, and even make post about thing I bought or want to buy.

But, I am now thinking, what about my own life. Why do I buy things? Why do I want things?

Sometimes, I think we are just monkeys playing a game. The game called Human. The monkeys that have what a lot of the other monkeys think are valuable ‘things’, are considered better monkeys then the other monkeys.

If you make it to Easy Street, then you are a winner of the Human Game.

Really? Is that what our lives as Americans have been reduced to?

I know that at least 25% of our population can NOT earn any or even the minimum amount of money needed to survive. One it four Americans. At least 10% are currently unemployed. Another 15% don’t have enough work or enough pay to technically stay above the poverty line.

1 in 4 Americans can’t buy a Louie Vuitton purse or  a Rolex watch – so does that mean they are to spend the rest of their life unhappy – unable to be happy since they can’t buy things?

I earn money. I can pay rent, pay the bills and feed myself. Can’t really save much, and don’t know when I will be able to buy a LV purse. Does that mean I have to spend 2011 unhappy?

Am I simply just a monkey playing the Human Game, who has not yet found a place on Easy Street? Never to know happiness?

No. I have decided that not having a LV purse doesn’t means that I am less then the chick who has one. I can’t buy much, but that is not a reason to be unhappy.

Instead I am going to simply do the things I love doing, and enjoy life.

Today, I wrote a sign and put it in my office.

It simply says, ‘Easy Street’.

There, now I have a place on Easy Street.

Happy New Year!!!! – 2010

San Fransisco New Year 2010 - Bay Bridge

San Fransisco New Year 2010 - Bay Bridge

It’s about time that I posted something again, it has been about 3 weeks since my last post.

The end of the year was very hectic as I have to clean up and finalize a lot of work and had no time to blog.

So, here we are – 2010

The 00’s were a wild roller coster of a decade, and I decided to finish it with the same way I started it – in San Fransisco!!

Food – On of my favorite hobbies is eating, and SanFran is a great place to go for food.

The 2 most memorable meals of the trip:

1) Perbacco – http://www.perbaccosf.com/

This is a high class Italian resturant in the financial district in downtown SF, with wonderful Italian dishes. Each month Chef Staffan Terje will be offering a special dinner menu revealing the best traditional and seasonal dishes he has found in the individual Italian provinces of Piemonte. We paid about $70 per person with wine, and needed to make our reservation about 2 months in advance. Exceptional food, and really wonderful atmosphere.

2) Pizzeria Delfina – http://www.pizzeriadelfina.com/

We found this by accident, just walking around the Fillmore district, and stumbled in and found God’s pizza place. Really, one of the best pizza’s I have ever had – rivaling even Bottega Louie in LA – the hand made fennel sausage pizza is to die for and the butternut squash pasta soup was simply incredible!!

NOTE: We did NOT receive payment of free food or serves in return for these reviews, they are our personal experiences of the find eating places.

Pizzeria Delfina had the best pizza and a sense of humor

Pizzeria Delfina had the best pizza and a sense of humor

So welcome 2010, the end of 2009 was really great.

My wish is for everyone is the same as for myself, may 2010 be a wonderful year full of health, love and happiness!!

San Fransisco - January 1, 2010

San Fransisco - January 1, 2010