Magic Johnson sells his stake in the Lakers and 103 Starbucks for rumored $100 million.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson sells his share in the Lakers and 103 Starbucks

Earvin "Magic" Johnson sells his share in the Lakers and 103 Starbucks

Looks like Magic Johnson has some need for quick cash, about $100 million to be as exact as a rumor can be.

So what would the famous basketball player need the money for? Various sources close to Johnson also quickly quelled any connection between selling his share of the Lakers and aggressively pursuing ownership of another NBA team.

In the last year, Johnson has been rumored to be interested in buying the Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons. The Warriors were subsequently sold this year for $450 million.

Magic also said recently: “I’m hoping (there will be an NFL team in Los Angeles) soon, but we’ve got to get a stadium built, and it’s going to take a couple of years to do that,” said Johnson, 51. “Now when you think about a stadium in L.A., it’s going to be about a billion dollars just to build a stadium. L.A. deserves and needs a team, and the NFL would be better with a team in L.A., and I hope that I can — with others — try to make that happen.”

Johnson also indicated Sunday that he would be interested in an ownership position with the Miami Dolphins, reports CBS Sports. NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora said Magic “praised GM Jeff Ireland, [owner Stephen Ross] Ross, Bill Parcells and the [Dolphins] organization,” and expressed a definite interest in becoming a minority owner.

So, maybe he is buying another basketball team, or maybe he wants to bring football back to LA?

I guess time will tell.