Well, soon it will be party time, so me and my girls got on-line lookin for some costumes.

We looked on several sites, but in the end we did a bulk order (saves on shipping) for a couple of costumes from

My friend Chaz got herself a Star Wars Princess Leia costume for $48, which looked pretty good on her and we felt was very good quality for the price.

I went all out, cuz I am a costume nut and got the Official Batgirl costume which was really expensive at $356, but it is so realistic:

BatGirl Halloween costume from

BatGirl Halloween costume from

We like the CostumeHell website, great variety of costumes from $10 to $1000 (like the official Darth Vader – WOW!!) – when we have kids (someday…) this will be the place. I like the easy of use of the site, a fun site and ordering was easy and the shipped it fast.

I will take pictures at the Halloween party this year, and post them up here later.

Note: We did not get free products or were paid for this review