Contradictory phrases

Contradictory phrases, oxymorons and other crap.

Contradictory phrases, oxymorons and other crap.

Lately I have been hearing a lot of self-contradictory descriptions, contradictory phrases or statements, so I decided to throw up on this blog the one I can think of, since I feel guilty not posting much this year.

I think these are also considered Oxymorons – which I always thought were high-school kids with acne who used too much Oxy5 on their faces…


  • Amusing artlessness
    An exciting baseball game
    Atheist’s belief
    Austere charm
    Authentic indications
    Authoritative critic
    Autocratic power
    Automatic termination
    Available data
    Avenging fate
    Average excellence
    Benevolent Dictator
    Burdensome business
    Butt heads
    Carping critic
    Clean Coal
    Christian Objectivism
    Collectivist Individual
    Definate maybe
    Derogatory denial
    Efficient bureaucrat
    Emphatic earnestness
    Fair tax
    Fat-free doughnut
    Fawning flatteries
    Gathering gloom
    God given ability
    Good grief
    Government organization
    Harmful CO2 emissions
    Heathen hordes
    Indelicate impetuosity
    Industrial-scale green energy
    Innate knowledge
    It’s in the mail
    Jumbo shrimp
    Labored levity
    Laissez-faire Communist
    Maddening monotony
    Middle-East peace
    Non-violent boxer
    Partial Fractions
    Personal attraction
    Personal predilection
    Positive government bailout of (insert industry name here)
    Pro-Man Altruism
    Rational faith
    Reason-free Objectivims
    Reversing backwards
    Revert back
    Ripe reflection
    Savage satirist
    Superbowl winner (pick one: Saints, Vikings, Falcons, Texans, Eagles)
    Tart temper
    Temporary Government Program
    Terribly pleased
    The Department of Redundancy Department
    Unenvied insipidity
    User-friendly tax code
    Vicarious virtue
    Violent love
    Well-meaning Altruist

Write me with others, and I will add them to the comments.