Best Dessert Wine

So, I have never been a big ‘Wino” (fan of wines), and only occasionally drink a glass with a meal. While in Europe however, wine is like water and I found myself drinking 2-3 glasses a day.

Still, I don’t seem to have a great taste for reds or whites.

While in Austria, I tried a Hungarian while called Tokay – which is this really incredible dessert wine.

Super smooth, sweet also most like drinking a light honey, really the best. You can get it in degrees of sweetness called puttonyos, I like 3 the best but I tried 5 and it was also really good.

I have been looking for it in the USA, and recently found a bottle in a Trader Joes.

Then I did a Google search and found this seller:|850192212&gclid=CKmIyoPbqJ0CFRESawodmkR8ig

It looks something like this – from the frogs mouth it is really good.

Tokaji wines

Tokaji wines

Please note: I did NOT receive Tokaji wines as a gift, and I have NOT been paid to write about Tokaji wines or

This post is here because I tried Tokaji and it knocked my socks off!!