In Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, the National Rifle Association’s Response is to Say that All Schools Need Armed Guards!

In Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, the National Rifle Association's Response is to Say that All Schools Need Armed Guards!

In Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, the National Rifle Association’s Response is to Say that All Schools Need Armed Guards!

It is insulting enough to have to sit through the daily humiliation of the whole Fiscal Clift debacle, but now in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings – we have to have our basic intelligence and humanity insulted by the National Rifle Association.

One week after the senseless gun murders of 26 people, the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) executive vice president stated, “The most effective way to protect our children from horrors like last week’s school shooting in Connecticut is to provide armed security personnel at all schools”.

Really, is that all they could come up with, more guns in schools?

Is it simple, when you get a gun, bring a gun, buy a gun, the probability that the gun will kill somebody goes way up. If the there is no gun, then the probability is closer to zero.

The solution is not more guns, it’s less guns.

In the United States, there are 3.2 gun homicides per 100,000 residents every year. Switzerland has the next highest rate of any advanced Western democracy, at 0.7 per 100,000.


In a 2011 Galup poll, 47% of ofhouseholds said they have at least 1 gun at home.

According to CNN:

40% of guns are sold through unlicensed, private sellers.

There are 5,400 Licensed firearms manufacturers in the United States in 2011.

310 million — Total number of nonmilitary firearms in the United States as of 2009.

1 gun for every man, woman and child in America.


The NRA has approximately 4.3 million members, and they claim they are the standard-bearer for protecting the Second Amendment of the US Consistution.

They are a wealthy organization, who promotes thier policies and protect the consummer weapons industry by bribing government officials with standard lobbying practices and generious campaign donations. During the 2012 election cycle, the NRA donated $719,596 to various candidates around the country. Of course, Republicans received most ofthat money ($634,146) according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ analysis of federal campaign data. There are Democracte who get bribed as well, $85,450 went to various Democrats, most of them in states that are considered more conservative when it comes to gun control laws.


1) Write your congressman ( is an easy way to do this) and tell them you want an Assault Rifle ban that include limits on clip sizes and the amount of ammunition one person can buy at a time.

For more information on

2) Support local Gun Buy Back programs. There are usually city based programs in which money is paid to people turning in their guns. These programs have been show to have great effect in getting guns off the streets.

In closing, I would like to say, good luck America, and remember to duck when you hear gun shots.

In Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, the National Rifle Association's Responce is to Say that All Schools Need Armed Guards! - Thanks NRA

In Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, the National Rifle Association’s Response is to Say that All Schools Need Armed Guards! – Thanks NRA

3 thoughts on “In Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, the National Rifle Association’s Response is to Say that All Schools Need Armed Guards!

  1. WE Have LOTS of military personnell on standby THOSE in need of PAY even low-wage pay within the military/armed guards/NAVY/etc, – and lets face it they would BE more then WILLING to negotiate something to get a part/full-time position at a school and again LETS face it if THERE had been an armed guard with legit reasons to be infront of the school during school hours and military trained MORE then likely when mr.lanza forced himself into the school im FAIRLY sure instead of 26 dying (not including the gunmen) it ‘might’ have only been 2-3 dying (prior to him entering the 1 classroom where he took 20 beautiful childrens life) he was in the front entrance faculty lounge/main office where he shot and killed several teachers/staff at THAT point (prior to the children dying) an armed guard obviously on-site, armed and ready to combat/exchange gun-fire WOULD Of been A HELL OF ALOT better then you stupid aimless/liberal/celebrity fags crying for “more gun control wahhh wahhh more gun control or “TAKE AWAY all the guns” so what ? what happens then dumbasses ? bombs are used to kill people, so are KNIVES (infact lots of them) and often strangulation, and poisoning, drugs what about all that shit ? only the drugs (on my list the narcotic ones are actually illegal) so a rock can kill someone (ask historians about cain and abel) point being is – practically anything can be turned into a deadly weapon/assault weapon SURE guns DO offer an easier way for evil/sadistic/criminals to take lives, injure people at a quicker rate (im not debating that) BUT do you think JUST because we outlaw guns/make stricter gun-control a standing upfront issue that THINGS will change ? um asssholes people are making (literally by the 1,000s) illegally PRODUCED/SOLD/USED handguns/rifles/assault-rifles, everyday thousands of guns (like illegal narcotics/narco traffickers) guns ENTER this country (and are made in foreign countries ALOT of time, IE their origin is of FOREIGN decent) and they come into this country (alot like the foreigners from the past that are now parts of the criminal underworld/mobsters/gangsters/cartel organiztions/both foreign and homegrown terrorists are usually foreign AT some point ALOT like the MAJORITY of illegally obtained firearms (sure there is the occasional bad apple who gets guns from a local market or gunshow (through the loopholes in our “lax” gun laws in some states, or other nutcases who go to shooting ranges with familys and are old enough to know where the guns are in the house and how to “obtain access” to them inwhich case they go on a mass killing spree (literally anyone/anywhere could/can be the target) but TAKING guns away from legit/proud tax-paying non-criminal citizens who JUST want protection IN THEIR OWN home, and are RESPONSIBLE with their firearms WILL NOT/IS NOT going to change the statistics (if so, only by a 1% or 2) nothing major, guns flood our innercitys (alot are serial numbers scratched off, and illegally obtained, illegally modified) and BOOM used in carjackings, robberies, murders, etc, etc – and you know what some are sold overseas, or BROUGHT into our country by the crateful…so if cops armed guards, and tax-paying legit citizens dont have GUNS do you THINK they will stop ILLEGAL factories overseas from making firearms, then adjusting the price (inflation) and it becomes an underground/black-market item, thats shipped to the US where theres STILL hundreds of thousands, millions of people buying guns on a yearly basis (literally like the illegal/illicit drug market) i mean it would be like “prohibition” but on guns, not drugs and we ALL know that prohibition HAS NOT, DOES NOT work…so all this screaming liberal nonsense about literally “attempting” to eliminate guns is sorta a two-fold fantasy that WILL not/COULD not work cause all that would really do in the end would 1) allow criminals access to a underworld/black-market of illegally PRODUCED/SOLD firearms of all sorts …and 2) putting tons of money in the hands of criminal distributors/networks of illegally gun-selling/producing manufacturing gun-traffickers and 3) allowing those criminals with illegal guns (with a possibly modified gun illegally modified at that, with illegal ammunition) to attack/maim/injure/kill citizens, innocent people/children (just like we ALREADY have going on) …in the end I think the real “ace in the hole” is FREE MENTAL HEALTH CARE, more passion for armed security at college universities, even public and private middle/high schools and elementary schools and “likewise” junior-grade schooling systems…fact is BAD PEOPLE “with a gun” kill people not “GUNS KILL PEOPLE” if your “ill” at heart, or sadistic in nature, or you “snap” THIS sorta shit will continue, and we “CANT” stop it unless we figure out what “ails the human heart”

  2. Reblogged this on Dustin's place for ranting & rambling and commented:
    So let me get this straight…We hear time and time again about how we can’t afford to pay teachers a fair wage, we just don’t have the money for it. We can’t afford books & supplies in our schools. But here we are proposing an armed guard in every single school. How about we think things through a little bit before we react so moronically. Geesh.

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