Happy New Year!!! I am moving to Prosperity Street.

Happy New Year!!! I am moving to Prosperity Street

Happy New Year!!! I am moving to Prosperity Street

Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!

It the year 2012, a year for hope, growth and prosperity for all!

2011 was a dream about Easy Street, but it felt more like I was living on the moon.

And as you know, the Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

On the other hand, it was a good year for this blog since it was a year in which traffic to the site grew by 3X.

Thank you to all our new readers.

I ended up writing 2X the number of posts, averaging about 3 a month. For 2012 I will try to get that to be more like once a week, but no promises.

2012 is going to be an interesting year, and this will be true for politics – and as readers of my blog can tell, I have some very strong political opinions.

Bottom line, we need to get the money out of politics.

The shocker of 2011, was that the new definition of poverty and near poverty came out, and what everyone felt in their lives became a published and confirmed fact – 2 out of 1 American (150 million people) are near the poverty line or under it.

2 in 1 American are technically barely able to make ends meet, or can’t make ends meet.

This is simply unacceptable.

I believe it will change. This will be the year of the protests, and chaos is certain. Be prepared to see the 150 million poor and near poor people let the government and our 1% peers know that it must change. Come spring and summer, the newest social fad sweeping the country will be protesting.

1968 – here we come!!!

On the other hand – from chaos arises opportunity, and from opportunity comes prosperity.

For 2012, I am looking to move to Prosperity Street.


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