8Tracks.com – A new way to listen to music, mix tapes galore!!!!!

I am not a big website recommender type person, I have my favorites, and I am happy with that. So, a site must be special is I am willing to mention it.

I am a big music person, meaning I love music – any time and all the time. I like Pandora, but I usually eat up my 40 hours of free listening quite quickly, so it has become more of a hassle then a joy. This forces me to listen to different internet music stations and sources.

My favorite Internet Radio is KEXP in Seatle, Wa.


I Indie rock mix, with world music and odd stuff on the week-ends. Really a great music mix with cool DJ’s.

8Tracks.com is different. It is about music mixes. Sign-up for free, and you can make music mixes for free, as long as they are only 8 songs.

The cool thing, is that you can listen to everyone’s mixes, they just keep playing mix after mix, just like a radio station.

Just upload your 8 songs, arrange them in order, and publish you mix. The first one I made is called the Pusz4frog Truth Mix:


I love this format for a couple of reasons:

1)    You only get 8 songs, which means you got to put a little though into the mixes, and so does everyone else, so the mixes tend to be with songs that people really like. High quality music.
2)    Many of the mixes have hit songs, but many have really off-wall stuff – so I am finding new music that I like all the time.
3)    You can search on anything, so search on happy, and you will get all the ‘happy’ mixes – easy to find music to fit you mood.

Anyways, the site is fun, and I am listening to it all day long.

You can find my mixes here:



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