Contradictory phrases

Contradictory phrases, oxymorons and other crap.

Contradictory phrases, oxymorons and other crap.

Lately I have been hearing a lot of self-contradictory descriptions, contradictory phrases or statements, so I decided to throw up on this blog the one I can think of, since I feel guilty not posting much this year.

I think these are also considered Oxymorons – which I always thought were high-school kids with acne who used too much Oxy5 on their faces…


  • Amusing artlessness
    An exciting baseball game
    Atheist’s belief
    Austere charm
    Authentic indications
    Authoritative critic
    Autocratic power
    Automatic termination
    Available data
    Avenging fate
    Average excellence
    Benevolent Dictator
    Burdensome business
    Butt heads
    Carping critic
    Clean Coal
    Christian Objectivism
    Collectivist Individual
    Definate maybe
    Derogatory denial
    Efficient bureaucrat
    Emphatic earnestness
    Fair tax
    Fat-free doughnut
    Fawning flatteries
    Gathering gloom
    God given ability
    Good grief
    Government organization
    Harmful CO2 emissions
    Heathen hordes
    Indelicate impetuosity
    Industrial-scale green energy
    Innate knowledge
    It’s in the mail
    Jumbo shrimp
    Labored levity
    Laissez-faire Communist
    Maddening monotony
    Middle-East peace
    Non-violent boxer
    Partial Fractions
    Personal attraction
    Personal predilection
    Positive government bailout of (insert industry name here)
    Pro-Man Altruism
    Rational faith
    Reason-free Objectivims
    Reversing backwards
    Revert back
    Ripe reflection
    Savage satirist
    Superbowl winner (pick one: Saints, Vikings, Falcons, Texans, Eagles)
    Tart temper
    Temporary Government Program
    Terribly pleased
    The Department of Redundancy Department
    Unenvied insipidity
    User-friendly tax code
    Vicarious virtue
    Violent love
    Well-meaning Altruist

Write me with others, and I will add them to the comments.

2 thoughts on “Contradictory phrases

  1. Norinomics
    Easing Life and Economic Crisis.
    Economics and Life – Rationalized, Humanized and Harmonized
    A New Economic Philosophy with a Human Face
    MY contribution to MY people of MY planet
    Humanizing Humans for Peace and Progress

    Happiness of the people is the real economy of a nation, all other things are traps.

    The mechanism that makes the people happy is economics.

    Route to eliminate economic crisis:
    De-linking of economy from economics is the simplest solution to economic crisis, think it over.

    Measures for stable economy:
    Insulate, do not isolate, economy and economics from GDP, Sensex, Forex and Inflation. This ensures stable economy. Also, helps for speedy and effective recovery from economic crisis, think it over.

    GDP, Forex, Sensex and Inflation are not the elements of economy; therefore, they cannot measure the economy of a nation.

    Economic policies:
    Evaluate first, then adopt and finally adapt since economics is a subjective subject with objectives subjective and role-sensitive.

    Inflation is the market-exaggerated disproportion in production, distribution and consumption of goods, services and wealth. Therefore, this planning-sensitive element is not a relevant parameter for effective assessment of economy since the imbalances disappear either by planting preventive measures or timely corrective actions or permanently installed system controls for timely actuation of precisely installed regulators.

    Agriculture is the epicenter of economy, thus, no nation can survive if its farmer is suffering since agriculture and mechanics of economics are the two reactants rigidly controlling and producing the final product generally being referred to as “Economy”, which too is directly proportional to the speed at which a nation moves its men, material and money and, is accurately measurable for specifying its index by an economist who has sensibly blended fundamentals with commonsense and constantly qualifying himself as a precise tool for the intended job.

    Real asset value of a nation:
    Money in circulation is the real asset value of a nation since it is the only asset working for the nation, hence, the higher the better.

    Bedrocks of economic growth:
    Fair play, benefit balancing and cooperation are the keystones that accelerate economic growth, disturbing them destroy nations.

    Numbers & Digits:
    Economists not isolating economy and economics from numbers and digits destroy their nations.

    Wealth can neither be created nor destroyed since it transforms into several forms and possesses enormous potential to alter the dynamics of economics, its misplacement or displacement causes proportionate degree of imbalances in the economy.

    Money accumulation does not mean wealth acquisition since money seldom measures the strength of a nation or individual, more so, yellow metal.

    Cooperation is the orthocentre of economy and, is directly proportional to the need and inversely proportional to the greed. Nations necessarily viewing cooperation as basic necessity become all-time rich.

    If we invade the fundamental theories and principles of economy and economics, these vital topics become no more understandable.

    Nation’s Health:
    Wealth is not a measure of nation’s health.

    Economic Sanctity:
    Economics becomes Agonymics if self removes economics from social science and merges it with politics to suit. If it happens, economics no more deals with production, distribution and consumption of goods, services and wealth.

    Mystery of Economics:
    Unlike sciences, engineering and mathematics – economics can be poured into any vessel of any shape or size. This is the simplicity and the fluidity of this volatile subject, the same is the complexity too, thus, the so-called turbulence.

    Challenges with Economy & Economics:
    Economics is not a universal subject like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. This subjective subject is ethnic, role-sensitive, need-sensitive, nation-sensitive, time-sensitive and greed-sensitive since problems are different for different people, different for different nations and different in different times and situations. Thus, the principles of economy and economics must be different and must change constantly to keep pace with the change in time and situation, if not; rigidity induces fractures and finally, failures.

    Cause of economic crisis:
    We are adding confusion and complicating economics and economy for supplementing and complementing our interests.

    The economic growth of a nation is directly proportional to the speed at which the nation moves its men, material and money. However, safety and cost-effectiveness are vital considerations.

    Business is not the business of the government. Therefore, government must not involve in any commercial activity since its only business is governance, policy making, administration, safety and security of the people, food and health security, draught and flood control, conservation of wildlife and forests, pollution and inflation control, infrastructure development, distribution of goods and services, environmental protection, public service, standardization, rationalization and simplification of rules, regulations and procedures.

    If rules are not simpler, bitter will be the result.

    Working against nature is unnatural and abusive, therefore – work along with nature since nature is the greatest teacher with principles as rigid as rigid can be.

    Wear, which is everywhere, is the single largest employer of our world, also, the biggest controller of economy, economics and growth of our planet, trying to eliminate wear is a futile exercise.

    Farmer’s Role:
    Politicians in power seldom comeback to power by ignoring farmer, politicians aspiring power seldom come to power by ignoring farmer, political parties ignoring farmer seldom survive.

    Cost of Price:
    The initial cost of everything is zero since everything comes from nothing, as the value adds up, so does the price.

    Cost of Nothing:
    Nothing is free even though everything comes from nothing.

    Nothing is impossible since impossibilities are time-sensitive, person-sensitive and place-sensitive. Therefore, let us continue to chase for solutions.

    Only a change can change a change and change alone can challenge a change along with the inevitable uncertainties associated with every change. These are the real challenges of life for the present and future generations.

    Rate of change:
    The rate at which change take place is more relevant than the change itself since time is changing at constant rate.

    Uncertainty is more certain and more inevitable than the most inevitable change and challenges. Thus, entrepreneurs must be more vigilant than never before since emerging technologies demanding abrupt changes need abnormal potential to absorb changes and challenges associated.

    Welcome Ideas:
    Welcoming ideas means inviting inventions, knowledge and progress since a closed mouth cannot catch flies.

    Willing to fail puts life on positive mode, unwilling to fail causes distress, disease and death, more so, a jealousy-less man is a disease-free man, also an immortal. Finally, envy less to enjoy more, also to envisage much more.

    Commonsense is the essence of all kinds of knowledge available to human beings on earth. Therefore, commonsense has become the most uncommon commodity on earth ever since the birth of earth. Unfortunately, this priceless commodity is becoming more and more uncommon day-by-day. Therefore, due to its scarcity, this precious commodity is rarely applied to solve problems.

    Humanity is a better tag than nationality.

    Let us live together since we came alone and go alone.

    Oneness is better than own-ness.

    Problems of Progress:
    Snubbing ideas means shrinking progress and prosperity.

    Source of smiles:
    Good people give smiles, others give tears; we carry these fruits when we quit this world.

    Truth vs Fact:
    We seldom seek truth since we are comfortable with facts.

    God and His University:
    God is universal. So, He is not different for different people. If God is different for different people, HE is no more a God.

    Ideas are valuable since every idea is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and carries the potential to change the world.

    Woman knows where the shoe pinches most. Therefore, their involvement is vital in decision-making process.

    Do it today since tomorrow is too late for a good job.

    The more we give, the more we get – both wages and satisfaction.

    We need to save something for a rainy-day, which is bound to come to all of us, one day or the other.

    If I am stocking something for tomorrow, I am depriving someone who needs it today (.) Stocking something for tomorrow is depriving someone who needs that something today.

    No one has the potential of doing nothing since doing nothing is unachievable, but the dead can do it, thus, impossibilities are not only time sensitive, person-sensitive, position-sensitive and place-sensitive, but also, state-sensitive. This is called Nori Sensitivity Theory or Nori State Theory.

    Tomorrow is not there for animals and other forms of life that are wiser than human beings. For reasons best known to us, we did not buy this philosophy and therefore, we became unwise. Thus, we are postponing things for tomorrow ignoring the fact that tomorrow’s existence and its availability to us is entirely in the hands of tomorrow. Finally, we must realize a fact that tomorrow is only in the hands of tomorrow; whereas, today is in our hands, therefore, let us contribute something today instead of waiting for tomorrow.

    Words have no meaning of their own since they are subjective and user-sensitive, not objective. Hence, this world is a battlefield for definitions.

    Nature (the greatest teacher):
    Nations adopting nature’s laws become healthy, wealthy and peaceful.
    Failure and success are like day and night, ignore them and strive for success.

    Body and pain, body and soul, pain and gain, day and night, light and heat, noise and vibration are inseparables, do not waste time for this.

    • Never aim at perfection because it is not there.
    • No one is perfect since everyone is perfecting imperfection.
    • Perfection is nowhere since imperfection is being perfected everywhere.

    End result:
    We do not become best by doing our best; we become best only by doing what is required.

    Statics and Dynamics:
    Be dynamic since nothing on earth is static, including earth.

    Cause & Cure of Death:
    Death means unwillingness to change.

    Our World:
    Mad people think others are mad, others think the other way round, no one knows who is really mad since everyone is mad in his own way – this is the real beauty of our wonder world wonderful enough to keep life going in a wonderfully wonderful manner.

    Love loves the love lovely; the love loved by love loves the love lovely and lovingly.

    Misuse and abuse are inevitable for things in use.

    Composition of life:
    God fills life with little satisfaction and large dissatisfaction.

    Hidden World:
    Ours is a hidden world since everyone is hiding something.

    Talent gives competency, cleverness gives success.

    Consistency is better than Excellency.

    Lust for luxuries lessens life on earth.

    Belief betrays:
    We fail if we prefer to believe what we prefer to be true.

    Humanity is the manifestation of godliness; help is the final product form.

    Commonsense is the essence of all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, thus the scarcity.

    We underperform since we undermine learning.

    We often misunderstand because it is easy to do so.

    Bends in life:
    Every bend on the road need not be a bend in life.

    Life is uncertain because death is certain.

    Distribution of Strength & Stamina:
    God gives strength to men and stamina to women.

    Everyone is mad since no one is glad.
    Curiosity causes creativity, create it.

    Satisfy with earning, not with learning.

    Self-teaching is the best way since no one knows you better than yourself.

    Remain as a student as long you remain on earth since life is a continuous process of learning.

    Bad Learner:
    A poor listener is a bad learner and a very bad earner.

    Progress on Earth:
    Progress of any kind is impossible without friction and fluids; wear is the single largest controller of economy and economics of our world since it effectively affects individuals, institutions, organizations and nations.

    Friction is responsible for industrial and population growth. This is the most sought-after element on earth.

    Nori’s free-medicine for trouble-free and peaceful life:
    Do not do for others what you do not want others to do for you.

    Mr. NORI Murthy (NVSN Murthy), Author-Norinomics,
    Research Scientist and a temporary visitor on earth serving people

    Please ask if full paper (25 pages / 5600words) is required.
    Norinomics is also is also available in ppt form (277 slides). Norinomics is free for those who cannot buy.

  2. Let us not insult the original knowledge and the genuine services of scientist NVSN Murthy by denying awards and rewards. His Norinomics is the greatest contribution ever made to humanity and so far the best of earth and thus he richly deserves all the praise, recognition and encouragement by all the concerned authorities.

    Annadhatha MK Rao, Economist, Age: 65

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