Cyberdefender releases their EDC 3.0 Cyberdefender AntiVirus Software with earlyNETWORK technology that offers customers Zero Day Gap updates.

Cyberdefender EDC 3.0 AntiVirus Software with earlyNETWORK technology

Cyberdefender EDC 3.0 AntiVirus Software with earlyNETWORK technology




About a year ago, I bought Cyberdefender Antivirus software, and even wrote some posts about some of the viruses that it deals with in their EDC 2.0 version.

Recently, I got an email about their new EDC 3.0 version, and I decided to revisit the Cyberdefender EDC antivirus software and Cyberdefender as a company.

What is EDC?

The new Cyberdefender antivirus software is called EDC which stands for Early Detection Center – and is the basic protection technology that Cyberdefender uses to stop all types of Malware. Malware is any type of programs that do malicious things to your computer, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, cookies, rogueware and other nasty things. Antivirus software is focused on viruses, but like Cyberdefender, antivirus now really means antimalware.

The EDC technology is simple, but effective – it takes every new file and runs it through two distinct scanning engines.

In addition to this, the EDC incorporates Cyberdefenders earlyNETWORK, which uses the power of the Cyberdefender EDC community through a proprietary peer-to-peer relay network protecting users against Internet threats faster than most competing technologies.

When one Cyberdefender customer’s computer gets attacked by a new virus, it contacts the EDC Cyberdefender malware team. The team then quickly develops what is known as the malware signature – which is the filter that the Cyberdefender EDC software uses to detect the virus. This signature is then quickly pushed out to all Cyberdefender customers through the earlyNETWORK.

Captures 10x the Previous Number of Threats

In tests, the company’s Peer-to-Peer network, which has no equal in the PC security marketplace, is showing a capture rate of 10 times the number of phishing attacks against home PCs over its previous version, as well as increased malware search capabilities.

CyberDefender EDC 3.0’s earlyNETWORK system collects threat information from the company’s more than five million active users, instantly sending all suspicious data to be tested. The information is evaluated by a sophisticated, automated system, reinforced by manual review, and elevated for even further research, if the data does not pass inspection. Mitigating pattern files are then distributed back to users through P2P and cloud computing server downloads, creating the fastest malware protection on the market for home and small business PC users.

The new Cyberdefender EDC 3.0 is able to issue signatures (or malware signatures) are issued as soon as 30 seconds or less, as opposed to several hours or often days for other competitive Internet security systems.

“CyberDefender offers consumers a unique advantage — what we call the ‘Zero Day Gap’ — the combination of both early threat detection and rapid updates,” says Brian Yoder, VP engineering, CyberDefender. “We do this by constantly adding multi-source data feeds, targeted crawls of suspicious websites, user feedback, cloud computing infrastructure and real-time monitoring of the web. The result is that we offer the fastest response and broadest protection to our users.”

Cyberdefender’s Early Detection Center with earlyNETWORK, provides one of the most effective malware protection technologies available.

For more details, check out:

Who is Cyberdefender?

As I was doing some research for this article, I decided to take a closer look at Cyberdefender. They just released their version of 3.0, and I thought I would look at how it is improved, and the Googleizer brought me to several hardcore computer sites. I started reading and I was surprised by some of the negative comments and other ‘information’ about cyberdefender and it’s other products. These comments didn’t match up with my experience, so I did some research and decided to post it on here on my blog.

OK, now some facts.

First, who is Cyberdefender?

Cyberdefender is an American NASDAQ company (CYDE)

Corporate site:

Software site:

CYDE makes antivirus software called Cyberdefender, and sell it by using a free trial, with an upgrade to repair any issues it may find. This is now a typical format for selling software today.

The company has a BBB rating of B+

They claim about 10 million users.

They are West Coast Labs Checkmark certified and tested:

They have a phone number you can call them at if you have any questions:

(866) 793-0453

They have a 225 person call center in Los Angeles:

They have several Vice Presidents from Symantec:

This includes one of Symantec’s people who developed Norton.

They also have a Registry Cleaner product, which they sell under the following sites:

They don’t hide this, and it seems to be the way they market on TV.

They drive people to the sites with TV and radio, and people download the free trail and it usually it finds some kinds of security issues, since it will even recognize cookies as a security threat. I can not find any proof that the software actually finds false positives. I did install it on a ‘fresh’ computer and it found 7 threats, which were all browser cookies. No false positives that I could find.

This video backs up that it only finds valid malware with no ‘false positive’:

When you buy the Cyberdefender antivirus software or registry cleaner, they try to sell you other services as well. This is normal for many companies. A good example is for products or for domains.

Both Cyberdefender software programs are designed and developed for non-technical computer users. One of the most appealing features is that of their 24/7 computer help line, which can be a very secure thing for a non-technical user to have, and probably sell a lot of services through that service.

There is nothing here that is bad or evil, but most technical computer users will probably think this is not something worth much, and that is probably why they think it is a scam. The fact is that it is not a scam, but it is really only of value to non-technical users – which is who they are marketing to.

If you have any qiestions, just call them at (866) 793-0453 or visit

Cyberdefender EDC 3.0 AntiVirus Software with earlyNETWORK technology

Cyberdefender EDC 3.0 AntiVirus Software with earlyNETWORK technology

Note: I did not recieve compensation for this article.

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2 thoughts on “Cyberdefender releases their EDC 3.0 Cyberdefender AntiVirus Software with earlyNETWORK technology that offers customers Zero Day Gap updates.

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  2. This is a really great article about Cyberdefender antivirus software and about the company. I like that you put all the references about the company in one place.

    I also found the video showing that Cyberdefender installed on a fresh machine with no false positives, very interesting since I found some posts in forums saying that it is fake and puts false viruses on your computer. This video proves that is false.

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