Paul Murad for Lt. Governor of Nevada in 2010: Bringing Businesses and Jobs to Nevada

Paul Murad: Bringing Businesses and Jobs to Nevada

Paul Murad: Bringing Businesses and Jobs to Nevada

I haven’t done much politics on this blog as of late, and that is because I have not had much personal connection with a lot of what has been going on recently.

So, I now do, by a chance meeting with one Paul Murad of Nevada.

Current State
Now, Nevada has been in the news lately, most notably because the Chief Moron of the GOP – Sarah Palin – went to visit Searchlight, Nevada with her friends the Teabaggers. They were there in order to make a nonsense protest about the usual extremist right wing ghosts of communism, socialism and death panels. Whooooooo, let’s all get scared about the big bad evil USA government which the Teabaggers so proudly say isn’t theirs.

Oh yeah, they went to Searchlight, because that is the home of Democratic Senator Harry Reid. The funny thing is that he wasn’t even there, but since his son Rory Reid is running for Govenor of Nevada, I guess that wanted to make a statement about him as well.

In order to get it out of the way, I am going to make the obvious statement – that in general people are not really interested in re-electing incumbents, or political insiders, career politicians and members of political families this election cycle. People are afraid, and fear is most often expressed as anger, and voter anger is simply stated as ‘Throw the bums out of office!!”

Paul Murad for Lt. Governor of Nevada in 2010
This brings us now to Paul Murad. I met Paul a couple of months ago at a charity event in Las Vegas, and at that event he told a few of us that he was thinking of running for Lt. Governor of Nevada.

My first question was, why would a successful small businessman want to torture himself with public office, and what the hell does a Lt. Governor do anyways?

Well, the first question is answered in his background. He came to America a refuge from the Soviet Union when he was 16 years old. He said that in America he got a chance at a good education and then the opportunity to build his own businesses and to become successful in Real Estate. He said that, “Nevada has given me success, and I want to give back to this great State.”

A Governor is kinda like the King of a State, who is always fighting with his Court (State Assembly). In general, the Lieutenant Governor is mostly focused on assisting businesses in dealing with the State, and various legislative duties as well. For Nevada, the Lt. Gov slot is that of the Ambassador of Business, who is responsible for bringing business and businesses to a state, as well and being responsible other business policies of the state.

Bringing Businesses and Jobs to Nevada
Look, the fact is that in Nevada, the current financial crisis requires a lieutenant governor with the qualifications, global business acumen and passion to lead Nevada to a healthier more diverse business base.

Paul Murad’s success in real estate and experience in business development for multinational corporations, gives him the ability to drive solutions to the troubled housing market and create economic opportunity in the state. He told us that he will “Aggressively champion Nevada here and internationally, bringing new business and jobs to our state, and attracting capital and investments to diversify our state‘s economic base.”

I can tell you that Nevada needs that much more then a bunch of Teabaggers crying about how this county isn’t theirs cuz they did get everything their way.

Paul had really good ideas about how he would get business to come to Nevada, and how he could help the troubled real estate market and generate jobs with tradition and green energy initiative that will help business grow.

Still, Paul Murad has a tough fight on June 8th, 2010 for the primary. He is really up against Jessica Sferrazza, a Reno City Councilwoman and a career politician and the incumbent Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki. Both have the ‘Throw the Bums Out’ sitigma attached to them, so Paul Murad has a good chance against them if he can get the word out.

Paul Murad’s Platform:
Paul is running for Lieutenant Governor for Nevada because he wants to ensure that all Nevadans have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream by working to create jobs and diversify the economy. As Lieutenant Governor, he will focus on economic development, strengthening tourism, and developing the green economy.

Economic Development
Paul has over ten years experience in business development and marketing and wants to use his expertise to help grow Nevada’s economy.

Paul is committed to a proactive 50-50 Plan for the state where he would open discussions with fifty of the top domestic and fifty of the top global corporations. As an ambassador for Nevada, he would encourage these companies to open corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities or expand their distribution and warehouse space in Nevada. Many companies are searching for the perfect locations to do these things and Paul can promote Nevada and its vast benefits. This would create living-wage jobs, bring investment to our community and diversify our economy.
Paul also will lead the Nevada Film Office in bringing more motion picture and television production business to Nevada. He has relationships in the entertainment industry in both Los Angeles and New York and will use his experience and expertise to promote Nevada as the perfect location for filming and production.

Strengthening Tourism
Nevada is the most tourism dependent economy in the United States and Paul wants to build on the successes of that industry, strengthen and diversify it.

Paul will work directly with national and international airlines to establish new direct flights to both McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. He is also very interested in working to move the high speed train connection between Las Vegas and Los Angeles forward, which will bring visitors to Southern Nevada for both business and pleasure.
Finally, Paul will be actively involved in the submission of Reno/Tahoe’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics and wants to be a strong advocate for Northern Nevada throughout the process.

Green Economy
The development of the green industry is a natural fit for Nevada because of our state’s abundant sources of clean alternative energy, such as solar, wind and geothermal. Paul will make the expansion of green technology and manufacturing a priority in our state. He will work to develop our wealth of green industry opportunities in order to create jobs and export green energy to our neighbors, such as California.

Paul has been heavily involved in the green community as a member of the Steering Committee for Global Green USA and a member of the Board of Directors for the Environmental Media Association. He has consistently taken a stand for smart growth and sustainable development in the Las Vegas community. He will use his prior knowledge and experience in the arena to promote the green industry in Nevada.

So, I now have a political cause to champion, let’s help save the State of Nevada, and vote for Paul Murad for Lt. Governor!!

You can go to his site:

Note: I have received no payment or compensation from Paul Murad or his campaign.


One thought on “Paul Murad for Lt. Governor of Nevada in 2010: Bringing Businesses and Jobs to Nevada

  1. Hi,
    I’ve run into Mr. Murad at a few things in Las Vegas before, and I do have to say that I like him a lot.

    The coolest thing for me was that he took the time to explain what the Lieutenant Governor actually does, because I didn’t know. I also didn’t know that he speaks three languages!

    I was actually asked to volunteer for his campaign at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner last night, but I couldn’t go. His staff was super friendly, so he most certainly has my vote.


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