Brittany Murphy’s Cause Of Death – Pneumonia

Brittany Murphy's Cause Of Death - Pneumonia

Brittany Murphy's Cause Of Death - Pneumonia

I’m a big Brittany Murphy fan, and was shocked to hear about her sudden and tragic death. Now, we find out from  the Los Angeles County coroner’s office that her death was accidental. It seems that Brittany Murphy died from pneumonia, but anemia and prescription drugs also played a role in her death.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. The primary cause of death was community-acquired pneumonia, with contributing factors of iron deficiency anemia and “multiple drug intoxication.”

Poor Brittany died Dec. 20 at age 32 after collapsing at her Hollywood Hills home. Her mother and husband have said the actress didn’t abuse prescription medications or have an eating disorder.

Details about the drugs the “Clueless” and “8 Mile” star had in her system will be released in several weeks when a complete report is done. LA Coroner’s spokesman Craig Harvey declined to detail what types of drugs were involved but said they “were all prescription medications” which could have been perscribed to her, or not.

Pneumonia seems to fit, because both Murphy’s husband (Simon Monjack), and mother (Sharon Murphy), told investigators the actress had been experiencing flu-like symptoms in the days before she died.

Simon Monjack told The Associated Press last month that his wife did take several prescriptions, including an anti-seizure drug, but did not abuse the medications.

Whatever … to take a line from Clueless. It will not bring this great talent back, bless her and her family.

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