Super Bowl 44 (XLIV) 2010 Predictions

Super Bowl 44 (XLIV) Prediction

Super Bowl 44 (XLIV) Prediction

Well, it is time for another Super Bowl!!!

Break out the Chips, Dip and Beer Bong cuz it is gonna be a party!! A Stupor Bowl party!!!

Now, it doesn’t matter how the teams got in, they are in.  Colts vs. Saints, what a show down.

Yes, I would rather have had the Jets instead of the Colts, but it will still be a great game.

I went on to check out there odds and got this:

Bet Indianapolis Colts:Point Spread -5 1/2 (-110) — Money Line -210

Bet New Orleans Saints: Point Spread +5 1/2 (-110) — Money Line +175

Over/Under 56 1/2: -110

Personally, I think the SAINTS ARE GONNA WIN.

Now, I also think the Colts are gonna be like all those little people running around in a Godzilla movie; as the Saint’s step all over them like our favorite bad-ass Japanese monster does oh so well.

Of course, I could be wrong… but that is half the fun of the Super Bowl.

Just thought I like would get this prediction out before the game or pre-game TV.

Saint to win – 28 – 14

Let’s see what happens – hopefully I will remain conscious till the end of the game – GO SAINTS!!!


One thought on “Super Bowl 44 (XLIV) 2010 Predictions

  1. The New Orleans Saints, who went 21 seasons before reaching the playoffs and 34 seasons before winning a post-season game, completed their storybook season Sunday night by rallying past the favored Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV in Sun Life Stadium.

    Looks like I was close, I predicted 28-14 , so I was only off 1 field goal each.

    OK it would be close enough in a nuclear war…

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