DoubleMySpeed – A powerful computer tool. - A good registry cleaner - A good registry cleaner

I was watching TV one night (no, not internet, but real cable TV), and I saw this DoubleMySpeed ad talking about how it would clean the Windows Registry of error and any malware, there by speeding up your system.

I have actually never used a registry cleaner on any of my computers. So I thought, “Do these things actually do something?”

I did some research and found that there are those who think that registry cleaners do work, and those who do not think they work. (not the most modern looking site 😉 did a in-depth analysis of and concluded:

“DoubleMySpeed is a Registry Cleaner whose target demographic is people who don’t have a lot of computer skills, but want to keep their system running smoothly and wants a 24/7 computer help service as well.

Taken in that context, DoubleMySpeed is a good package.”

I also found the DoubleMySpeed is a Cyberdefender product, and in a sense is a compliment to their antimalware product. I have been using their antimalware Early Detection Network (EDN) software and service for more then a year now, and feel they offer a great security product.

I say product, because it is a combination of technologies 1) installed software program and 2) 24/7 call center service.

The Cyberdefender EDN is the Cyberdefender customer base peer2peer network that allows for the quickest possible way to warn and protect all the other customers systems of new malware.

This is the Cyberdefender technology graphs about the Early Detection Network:

Cyberdefender Early Detection Network is part of what makes DoubleMySpeed above average.

Cyberdefender Early Detection Network is part of what makes DoubleMySpeed above average.

What about you may ask? Well, I mention this background info, is because one of the biggest jobs of a registry cleaner, is to clean all the malware from the registry. Malware loves to hide in the Windows Registry, and having a strong antimalware company like Cyberdefender producing a registry cleaning tool; has resulted in

If you do the research on Cyberdefender, you will find that they are a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, which means they have accountability to their shareholders and the public. Many ‘anti-virus’ companies are a few friends working out of their home. Cyberdefender has the strength to support its programs and business model, including a Call Center in North America.

Concerning Cybderdefender: Tucows and CNET both give them good ratings which also indicate that many people have downloaded their free trial, and it was good software.

Yahoo Finance:


Note: We did not receive any product or money to post this article.


3 thoughts on “DoubleMySpeed – A powerful computer tool.

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  2. So i had been hearing the radio adds for, so I went there and downloaded the trial and ran it. it found a lot of stuff wrong with my computer, so i got the upgrade since it came with a 30 day money back. well it did it’s thing and when it restarted my computer, it definately can up much faster. Now i am not a computer expert but it seems to me to run faster so i am very happy with it.

  3. I’m glad I found this article. I purchased the DoubleMySpeed registry cleaner last month and I am glad I have it. After I bought it, it cleaned up the things it found. My computer rebooted faster and ran faster afterwards and for me that was worth it – I am a satisfied customer.

    If I go by you get what you pay for, I paid for a program that cleaned up my computer without a hassle or need to understand why it works, and I got that so I am very happy with the DoubleMySpeed cyberdefender registry cleaner.

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