Tiger the Truthful – The death of a brand.

Tiger Woods says, "Trust me, its a great car."

Tiger Woods says, "Trust me, its a great car."

Now, that Tiger has exited stage left (Friday’s announcement that he is indefinably retiring from golf to attempt to fix his marriage, both seeming unlikely to last) the question is: Why did it have to happen at all.

Weakness. That is why Tiger had no choice to retire.

The truth is, he is a weak man. He made a commitment to his wife which she expected him to uphold, and his selfish desires were much stronger then his internal strength of honoring his commitments.

If he and his wife had an open marriage and they could sleep with others, then this would not be an issue – but clearly this was not the situation.

He lied to his wife and he broke his commitment to her – and in doing so forever associated his brand and that of his sponsors with the fact – he is a liar and a weak man.

He is not to be trusted.

This is the death of a brand.

When a brand is no longer trusted, it is worthless; because the value of a brand is that people are willing to trust that the brand on a product represents that the product will be of good quality and live up to the level of the brand image.

Tiger the truthful… not.

It will take time, but the brand will lose value relatively quickly, and if he comes back to golf, his brand will never have that virgin trust from the public, and therefore never be as valuable.

I guess this will be everyones loss in the end.


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