What Tiger Woods is hiding

Tiger Woods - Elin Nordegren - Baby

Tiger Woods - Elin Nordegren - Baby

Well, I hope you had a really great Turkey Day holiday, I know I did – which is why I have not written anything in a week or so.

But thank God, Tiger Woods knew we would all be media starved upon our return to the boredom of work – and will need something to read as we fake work and surf the net doing ‘research’ for your big work project.

So, let see, where are we.. Oh Yeah, control freak Tiger Wood woke up on the ground a around 2:30 in the morning on Friday, after crashing his car into a fire hydrant and finally into a large tree. Yes, we did all think Tiger was a great driver…

Somewhere in this train wreck (oh sorry, ‘car crash’), his wife Elin needed to bust the rear window of his shiznitt Cadi Escalade in order to rescue him. Probably would have been easier to just open the door of the car.

She might have been angry at Tiger Woods supposedly mistress Rachel Uchitel, and whacking Tiger or the rear window of the cadi might have help her release some tension.

We may never know, but I do know that if Tiger just came out and said, ‘Hey, I f-ed up and had this accident cuz I was running away from my crazed wife who was beating me up cuz I cheated on her and we got in a fight but I couldn’t drive well from all the prescription meds I was taking and ran into the tree’

If he said the above, it would go-away in a couple of days and we all could just move on.


Now we are going to have another 3-4 weeks of this crap all day long. Tiger clammed up, not saying a word, the police are now giving press conferences, the accused mistress denying the affair and Tigers wife with puffy eyes is standing by her wallet..I mean man.

Well, to celebrate, here is a funny video called ‘Bust Your Windows’:


What a driver!!!

Tiger Woods Cadi hugging a tree

Tiger Woods Cadi hugging a tree

The next thing Tiger might hug…

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel


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