Origin Custom Gaming PC certified by Fatal1ty

Origin Custom Gaming PC certified by Fatal1ty

Origin Custom Gaming PC certified by Fatal1ty

I recently read about a new gaming PC company called Origin PC:


Now, I built myself a gaming computer about 3 years back, cuz I am a Quake fan and I didn’t have much money and I wanted the most computer for the money. Now that I am a little older and have a little money, I look at my gaming rig with a little different view.

Sure it was cheep, but every year there have been a couple of times when I had to work on it cuz it wouldn’t boot, or ran slow, or the fan stop working (still don’t know why but it randomly still happens). I was actually thinking of upgrading to a pre-build system, but Origin PC offers some interesting features that come with a pro-built custom system.

I recently found this article on MaximumPC about the new Origin Custom Gaming PC certified by Fatal1ty:


Now, I don’t like Paul “The Paid for Pussy” Lilly as a writer, and he really has a chip on his shoulder about Fatal1ty in this article – probably cuz he got emasculated by Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel in a shootout or competition and needs to over act (over write?) like he still has a penis…

Any how, I met Fatal1ty at E for All in LA a few years ago, and his gaming skills are incredible. He really knows how to game, and although he whipped the map with my fragged ass, afterwards he gave me some pointers and was a really nice and professional guy.


Origin PC was smart to work with him, I think he adds a lot of credibility, and if anyone knows how a gaming PC should perform- it is Fatal1ty.

I have a Fatal1ty Sound Card and Headset for about 1 year, and they are the shit!! I love them. I have had a Fatal1ty keyboard for about 2 years and it is one of the best I have ever had.

So, as far as Fatal1ty as a brand is concerned, I think it is a great gaming brand – and I am seriously thinking of forking out for an Origin PC system with a wild ass paint job!!

Origin Custom Gaming PC certified by Fatal1ty

Origin Custom Gaming PC certified by Fatal1ty

For more info on Fatal1ty certified:


Fatal1ty Certified Logo

Fatal1ty Certified Logo

Note: This post was not paid for, nor did I receive products for this post from Origin PC, Fatal1ty, MaximumPC Magazine or anyone or company.


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