Jeff Jordan is Michael Jordan’s son and was recently suspended

Jeff Jordan is Michael Jordan's son

Jeff Jordan is Michael Jordan's son and was recently suspended

Michael Jordan’s oldest son, Jeff Jordan, decided he no longer wanted to play basketball for the Illinois Illini last year. OK, this was simple: Jeff Jordan’s entire life had revolved around basketball, and it’s clear he wasn’t going to obtain (and certainly didn’t need) a professional basketball career. So, he decided to stop playing hoops and focus on school, which I think is a smart thing to do. This fall, Jordan changed his mind and he decided to rejoin the Illini who welcomed him back with open arms.

The thing is, that while not playing pro ball for the Illini, Jeff played in a three-on-three tournament, a non-NCAA-sanctioned event – and for this he has been suspended for 2 games. What bullshit is this?!?!

Now in the end it doesn’t matter because he did not break any rules or moral code – also, it is not like he is a star player or even much of a contributing one for the Illini.

So why do it – that is what rules are for, right….


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