Cyberdefender blocks: AntivirusBEST

Cyberdefender blocks AntivirusBEST rogueware

Cyberdefender blocks AntivirusBEST rogueware

I got another threat alert from Cyberdefender, this one is about the nasty AntivirusBEST virus.

Cyberdefender will protect your computer from this virus, but like most antivirus software it must be installed before you get the virus to work correctly ( malf01y4u ).

Threat Name: AntivirusBEST

Type: Rogue

Severity: High

Explanation of behavior:

1. Installs BHO on the user system and hijacks browser, redirecting to site to buy the software

2. Redirects browser to hxxp://***************

Please Note that this is not a paid review.


3 thoughts on “Cyberdefender blocks: AntivirusBEST

    • I have found Cyberdefender very effective, and thier 24/7 help line has been usefull a few times. I think their Early Detection Network technology is some of the best at getting virus definitions out to the world quickly.

  1. My work has a small 15 client network, which has a firewall. Before we installed Cyberdefender, we hade tried several anti-virus packages including Symantec and PC tools. These all cost too much money and didn’t provide the protection we needed. Some of us even got really nasty viruses that Symantec didn’t catch.

    We were all kind of on our own as far as virus protection goes. One of my coworkers had the free version of CyberDefender loaded on his computer. He got the same virus the rest of us got, but Cyberdefender caught it, and he was able to clean it off with an upgrade.

    After this, my boss bought the full version of CyberDefender for everyone’s computers in the office. Since then, it has beenthe only anti-virus on the machines, and we’ve had no problems.

    So, although I agree that something on the server protecting the network would be great, for our small office, the best solution was a low cost solution, and so far has been very effective. Plus, Cyberdefender dosen’t bug us with a lot of pop-ups, which is good.

    Now, if there was a product that could protect a 15 person network without installing on the client, and cost $500 a year – I think it would be a very interesting solution.

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