Baseball: The Richest Players

Alex Rodriguez holds his daughter, Natasha

Alex Rodriguez holds his daughter, Natasha

So, are baseball’s boys of summer becoming the next rich brats on the block?

It is not just a story about the top players, but also of the money spent on a team for these players to do quite well in life for playing a sport. $275 million dollar contract use up the teams budget for a few player who get the stats and media, leaving less for the not-so-famous players who make up the rest of the team. Cry not for the men paid millions to play a game. The minimum salary for a wet-eared rookie is $400,000, many hundred players make more than $1 million a year, and you needed almost $17 million in income just to crack our Top 10.

For baseball players, financially, it’s both the best and worst of times. For the superstars, contracts have never been higher, paced by the person at the top of our list, Alex Rodriguez, and his $275 million deal. But the middle tier is getting squeezed. And the steroid scandal—including Rodriguez’s stunning admission earlier this year—has devastated the ability of many players to secure endorsement deals from image-conscious companies, which loathe a surprise.

And let’s talk about A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) – how exactly is he making his money?

2009 Salary: $32,000,000

2009 Bonuses: $1,000,0000

2009 Endorsements: $1,500,000

TOTAL: $34,500,000;page=1

$34 million for a so-so season.

Well, basebal and salary’s are not about logic.


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