Healthy US?

After being in Europe for a while, it is hard to come back to the USA and hear all this crap about Death Panels, Nazi Presidents and that the whole USA is communist.

It is just stupid, how can people even think this kinda of stuff is real.

Really makes my head spin. I think it is OK to voice an opinion, but to make statements of fact that are really just opinions based on what some moron like Stupid Palin said, is really sad.

I went decades without health insurance, now that I pay $500 a month for it, I am worried that when I get sick the ‘for profit’ health insurance company will drop me or bankrupt me.

Why don’t we just make Medicare for everyone? Such an easy solution.

So what if it puts the health insurance companies out of business – it won’t decrease the quality of care because the money the the health insurance companies make is called profit. It doesn’t go into the system anyways, just the shareholders pockets.




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