Cyberdefender Rocks!!!

For the last couple of months, I have tried a couple of the ‘free’ anti-virus programs (AVG, Norton, Kaspersky) , which all seem to slow my system down with the scans which take from 10 minutes to 2 hours ( I have three 120GB drives in my system).

My friend W00gles (his gamer name) who gets lots of viruses since he loves gaming and porn sites – told me about Cyberdefender which he likes.

I got the free version which like some other antivirus programs is a little confusing about what is free and what it does.

I tried AVG, which is 30 days free, but I thought it was slow, and I would rather have a functioning scanner that worked all the time, then a program which won’t work cuz 30 days it up.

I tried finally tried Cyberdefender last week, and I liked user interface, speed and that it works for spyware viruses and trojans – all in one program.

What I didn’t like that the free version only scans, but will let you removed trojans and spyware, but you had to buy the upgrade to remove viruses (OK, they do this so people will buy the software and they can make some money). It also had some pop ups reminding me to buy the upgrade, which some other anti virus programs also had.

So I had AVG and Cyberdefender on my system when I got a virus which reset my desktop and browser were locked to some anti-virus software, really nasty and later found out it was called Virtumondo virus.

AVG could do nothing with it!! Cyberdefender did find it, but I had to buy the upgrade to remove it. I tried to grab PC Tools, but the virus would not let me install it!! Which was really strange.

So I decided to buy the Cyberdefender upgrade, and it was able to clean everything off the computer.

It took care of the virus, but there were some problem with the Windows Explore which was a little screwed up.

So, the paid version of Cyberdefender comes with 24/7 computer help, so I sent them and email since I figured I bought thier program and this came with it so why not?

They emailed me back in an hour, and after some back an forth they were able to fix it for me.

So far, I really love Cyberdefender, and AVG and PC Tools not so much. I know others have had great experiences with these programs, but I think for me I didn’t.


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